Technology Vulnerability Auditing

Your technology vulnerability auditing & management program is a vital component of a healthcare organization effectively protecting PHI (Protected Health Information) OR any Electronic Digital Assets as part of the overall HIPAA compliance management efforts.

All healthcare service organizations have end users that use networks with personal computers, servers, data storage, rented/owned copy machines, routers, data switches or other network appliances..etc.

EVERYONE knows that 802.11 WiFi wireless networks broadcast signals to phones, tablets, pc’s outside of your facility walls. Have you checked for man in the middle attacks? Or spoofing? There are numerous ways to break into a WiFi network.

How can you effectively protect your systems and networks if you do not check for vulnerabilities?

What we do
Ion IT Group has a proven standards based audit program for you that will provide you with the confidence that your team has adequate protection in place with your best interests in mind.  We can provide a multi point threat inspection to ensure your IT team has the tools and procedures in place to protect your systems and networks from unwanted intrusions.

Has your BA tested their technology & not disclosed your PHI?

Every business hates spending money needlessly. But the security of your PHI is critical to the financial performance of your business. The law mandates that you maintain a PHI compliance program? If you do not check for vulnerabilities you can not possibly know if you have already had an intrusion.  

Healthcare executives that are serious about longevity and financial health of their organizations will ask the hard questions of their IT staff to ensure they are protecting the patient PHI. Good leaders will ensure that their staff establish an audit program AND one that extends out of their own facility to include their third party BA’s.

Its 2017, if  your organization has been the victim of virus, ransomware or some other intrusion, then perhaps its time you establish a technology security review. Know the answers BEFORE you get attacked.
The financial impact for a successful intrusion can be devastating.

The cost to prevent one does not!